Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Employee Rights in NZ: Resolving Employee Disputes

Do you feel powerless? Are you unsure about employee rights or grievance procedure?

It's not uncommon to feel powerless when taking on your employer.  After all, you probably need your job more than they need you. Regardless, your career is too important and you must protect your interests — you have a mortgage and family to consider.

Some of the problems my clients face:

Work-place bullying, an unfair performance review, Redundancy, Reduced hours, A restraint of trade clause in your contract.

Let me even the playing field.

I work at all levels of management and have an established reputation with all sides of the spectrum — employers, unions and the Employment Authority — for finding practical solutions quickly. As a result, I am often called by media to comment on employment-related issues (see my appearances in TV, radio and print on this site).

Principal employment law advisors in Auckland, helping employees in:

  • Providing sound employment law advice
  • Representing you in employment hearings
  • Speak for you at mediation meetings
  • Providing advice on your employment agreement
  • Taking legal action or a personal grievance against your employer.

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