Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Employment Law Advice for Employers NZ

Don’t let employee problems drag your business down

Are you worried about where you stand when dealing with employee problems or an employment termination? You're not alone.

We’re a nation of small businesses. Unfortunately our employment laws are overly complicated and costly. This means that most NZ businesses just don’t have the time and resources to keep fully up to date with all the rules and regulations.

This leaves small businesses exposed to employment legal issues.

Does this sound familiar?

Toby doesn’t really like his job. However, he doesn’t seem to be looking for a new one. He does, however, like to stir and takes every opportunity to undermine you — snide comments, arriving late, unsettling other staff.

One day you hold a staff meeting. At the end of the meeting, while getting up, Toby slams his chair into his desk. When you confront him about his behaviour his reply is, “Sorry, it was an accident.” You know that’s not true.

Keep a cool head

Many of my clients get into trouble by having a knee-jerk response to staff problems by sacking an employee or issuing a warning without following the correct procedure. This often leads to a personal grievance.

Before you lose your cool, make sure you know where you stand.

I have a reputation for solving employee problems quickly. I’ve been in this business for over 25 years and know employment law inside out and, as a result, I am often called upon by the media to comment on employment issues (see my TV, radio and print interviews on this site).

Principal employment law advisors in Auckland, helping employers with:

  • Problem employees
  • Providing sound employment law advice
  • Handling mediation
  • Court representation
  • Union negotiation
  • Coaching
  • Developing strategies to solve employee problems.

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