Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Employment Law New Zealand: Constructive Dismissal

Are you forced to resign from your job? Do you feel that your right has been breached?
Facing a constructive dismissal is difficult, and the NZ employment law is so complicated that many people don’t know how to exercise their right when they encounter constructive dismissal. We can provide advice to clients in Auckland and Hamilton when they face this challenging situation and defend your right to the best possible outcome.

Legal Advice for Employers

Imaging this … just after a former employee resigned, you get the news that he or she is bringing a case against you for constructive dismissal! What can you do to protect your right as the employer? The Whitehead Group has extensive experience in advising employers when there is a claim of constructive dismissal, and we have been helping people in Auckland and Hamilton for over 25 years. Our reputation is solid and our services are exemplary – trust us to help you.

Legal Advice for Employees

Do you feel like you’ve been forced to resign? Was continuing at work no longer possible due to working conditions?
If you feel that you have been subjected to constructive dismissal, we could advise you on where you stand as per the employment law in New Zealand, and what legal action you can take to claim your rights. If you live in the Auckland or Hamilton area and feel that you have a case of constructive dismissal, we can help you reach a swift and practical solution quickly.