Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Employment Law New Zealand: Redundancy

Are you worried about your job? Whether you are the employer or employee, you have a right to know where you stand and what privileges you have under the New Zealand Employment Law. When unemployment and redundancy is commonplace, it is even more important for you to have Whitehead Group in your corner. We are experts in New Zealand Employment Law and are fully committed to helping you in your employment issues. We specialize in redundancy advice, conflict resolution, mediation and provide a positive approach to employer and employee relations.

Legal Advice for Employers

Do you get a headache when you think about employee hiring, employee problems and employment law? What about redundancy?
At the Whitehead Group, we provide advice for employers who want to grow their business but don’t want to become an employment law expert. We can help you navigate complicated employment laws, solve issues between you and difficult employees, and facilitate redundancy when necessary. We have provided great advice for employers in Auckland and Hamilton for over two decades – our reputation is unparalleled.

Legal Advice for Employees

Do you feel powerless at work? Do you feel that your right as an employee has been violated? Are you afraid when your boss talks about redundancy?
We can help. At the Whitehead Group, we offer advice for employees who want to better exercise their rights – especially in the areas of workplace bullying, unfair performance review, redundancy, reduced hours, or a restraint of trade clause in the contract. We have advice for employees in Auckland and Hamilton, and have been fighting for your cause for over 25 years.