Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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RadioLive - Your Law Talk 69

As usual Mike and Max tackle your employment issues. Topics include forced vaccines, excessive sick days, and contractors. This week Mike and Max also look at a "You be the Judge" case where an loose agreement between employer and employee become a big mess in the employment courts. The employee worked through lunch and wanted to be paid for that, as well as back pay for the months they had been working for. What do you think?
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RadioLive - Your Law Talk 63

This week Max and Mike tackle your employment questions. Topics include holiday pay calculations, sick days, and getting recognised as full-time. We also discuss an interesting "You be the Judge" case. A women is prevented from returning to work after taking mental health leave, despite having a note from a psychologist's note saying she was fit for work.
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RadioLive - Your Law Talk 56

This week Max and Karyn discuss a new piece of legislation that is yet to be decided on. The legislation follow the Australian model and allow employees to sign away their rights to file any personal grievances against a company as a bargaining tool in contract agreements. We discuss what this could mean for employees and employers, as well as taking your calls.
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